Zakkia - Poke Vase - Set of 3

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ZAKKIA Poke Vase - Set of 3

This set of 3 raw white ceramic vases have a lot of personality. Their grid like dotted pattern give a really lovely but minimal texture. The outer finish of the vases is very textural and raw, while the inside is a clear glossy glaze. 

Use your Poke Vase to display single stems or small bunches of flowers. They also look great if you leave some empty!

The outside of these vases does not have a sealed glaze.  The inside of each vase has been glazed and sealed to hold water.

This product comes as a set of three vases, each a different height and width.


Left Vase: 6.5 Diam x 12cm

Middle Vase: 7.5 Diam x 9cm

Right: 5.5 Diam x 11.5cm

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