Valor - Pit Stop Deodorant

Valor - Pit Stop Deodorant

  • $20.00

Get familiar with your pits – this organic Deodorant paste requires you to massage a pea sized amount into your arm pit each day. In return: no stink! Put it on either straight after showering (or in emergency, after sweating, and it will neutralise the bad odour). Best of all – it lasts all day and you haven’t put crazy chemicals into your body for the privilege of smelling good!

No toxic chemicals, no aluminium – just soft, sweet smelling Pits! Naturally!

How does it work? Sodium Bicarbonate is considerably more alkaline than the skins pH, making it unsuitable for bacteria to multiply. In addition, our blend of Essential oils including Frankincense, Cedarwood, Neroli and Patchouli, are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial – so bad odour producing bacteria cant survive. After application, the oil base will be absorbed, leaving a slightly powdery feeling on your skin.

Our unique, slightly exotic Original blend, is popular with both men and women, and the organic Shea butter and Coconut oil base will moisturise your pits and provide their own anti-microbial qualities. A true unisex product – that actually works.

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