Hides of Excellence

NSW Leather Co are a third generation proudly owned Australian Company specialising in the import and export of top quality leathers and cowhide products. These cowhides are all perfectly suited for the commercial and residential furniture, homewares, interior design and architectural industries.

NSW Leather's long term relationships with the best international tanneries mean that their leather products can be trusted for their reliability, range and top quality.

NSW Leather's tannery partners adhere to Australian Manufacturing Standards, conform to the ISO 14001 certification for environmental excellence and are committed to environmental business practises.

The leather used in NSW Leather's products is from genuine cattle hides. During the animals' lives they may have been in contact with barbed wire, bushes or the horns of other animals. These encounters may leave scars and scratches that have healed naturally. They do not detract from the wearing qualities of the cowhides, in fact they enhance its appearance as they are the proof marks of genuine leather.